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A New Company, SVN Select - founded just this year in 2022 is proving to be an incredibly brave front runner in the ever growing jewelry business. Launching exclusively as an online-only store with merchandise plenty others offer would seem like risky business to any other entrepreneur... unless, something made them different. This last weekend we reached out Marco Juliano (Owner of SVN) for comments about what did [make his company different].

"We're not different, we're special. I think that statement is important. In a business like this where those who source the product seek affordability, we seek quality and work directly with our manufacturers to ensure that we're offering not only a high caliber product, but a beautiful and exclusive one." 

That intrigued me. But even more so - as a young man with a collection of his own - it worried me. After examining the jewelry pieces I once wore so proudly to dinner dates, night clubs and casual outings, I scoffed.

With one chain in each hand, the left being from  [insert brand here] and the right holding a Pate Placed Cuban Link by SVN... the difference was obvious. 

As evident as Night & Day. "Our product weighs almost twice as much"  Marco laughed - "...thats because we use precious metals! All our jewelry is made exclusively with either Silver, Gold or a combination of the two."

- It even shines brighter'' I butted in. 

"All of our diamonds are placed in a very, very special way. It's Persian Practice. A style you won't see very often on the market... this essentially means we use smaller diamonds - of the same quality, rest assured - which makes for a piece that shines nearly three times brighter than any of our competitors. This isn't always the most cost effective way to sell a million pieces of jewelry but we aren't them. We're us... and once again: Quality over anything else." 

- Does that explain the prices?" I murmured. 

"...[laughing] Yes sir, yes it does... but SVN isn't just a luxury brand offering high end jewelry. What we're building here is so much grander than that. It's a lifestyle, it's a statement that comes free with every item: I am This... and not 'that'.. 

What we're selling is a Mercedes. A Honda could never compare."

- Both could get me from Point A to Point B" I said. 

"... but what would you rather get you there?" Mr. Juliano said with a smirk. 

I agreed. I understood. What SVN is, is everything his competitors aren't. 

Luxurious. Grand. For those with a million or those on their way to it. 

It felt so empowering wearing something like this over any other flimsy piece. 

And now I understood why... 

- Lastly, Marco; what actually is this mysterious 7Club?"

"... it's something for that lifestyle I mentioned to you earlier. Something for a different caliber of man. For the people who identify with us and what we believe in... for the sophisticated gentleman. I'll just have to leave it at that." 

- Thank you for your time,'s been a real pleasure"

"... no, thank you, Erick. The pleasures all mine." 


by Erick Garcia 
Jan. 2022

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